Here are some of the resources we use for making our movies. If you have other resources that you use or suggestions for us, email us or leave a response, and we’ll update the site as soon as possible.

Music & Sounds

If you’re looking for songs or sound effects for your movie, these sites provide downloads that are free to use under the Creative Commons act.

Creative Commons – This has music that is freely available through the Creative Commons act.

Free Music Archive – This site lets you browse by genre to find songs, and you can download songs without an account. Of course, if you want to support FMA or share your own music, you should make an account of your own.

Free Sound – This site has tons of sounds that you can easily search and find what you need. You’ll have to create an account, but it’s free and definitely worth it.

Musopen – This is yet another music site dedicated to providing songs that are freely available for use  because they are out-of-copyright and available through the Creative Commons.

Open Music Archive – This has listings of songs that are available for use because they are now out of copyright. This means that most of them are older songs, ones on which the copyright has expired.


If you don’t have the time or the opportunity to take your own photos, try these sites. Just check to make sure that the image is available and not restricted by its copyright.

Stock Xchange – You need an account for this site, but it’s free and gives you access to lots of great pictures from around the world.  It’s easy to search, and each image tells you when and how it can be used when you click on it.

Final Cut Express

We use Final Cut Express to edit our movies. We have a couple of resources to help us remember the basic tools and tricks of the trade.

A cheat sheet of shortcuts and such is available from Apple by clicking here.

A guideline sheet specifically for VFC will soon be available online.


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