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You can watch all of our videos by going to our YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/chestervfc.


Collaboration with Widener University TV – Spring 2011 – By Chester Voices for Change and Widener University TV

In working with Widener University TV (WUTV) and the great volunteers from that organization, several VFC members spent time learning how to make live TV.  The VFC members typically came up with ideas for the programs and hosted talk shows, with greatly appreciated filming, editing, and production from the WUTV crew, but there were also times where VFC members edited or filmed. You can this work on YouTube, or see one example below.


“Drama High” – Fall 2010 – By Chester Voices for Change

The first production by the 2010 After School program for VFC looks at teen issues, drama, friendships, and cliques. In less than 40 hours together, this group learned how to use film equipment and edit, and went on to write a script, rehearse, film, edit, and produce this short film. You can watch the first part of this 2-part series here, but check out our YouTube channel to see the rest.

“A Lesson Learned” – Fall 2010 – By Chester Drug Free Communities, Chester Youth Collaborative & Team H.Y.P.E. – A Voices for Change Production

This PSA about teen alcohol and drug use was a collaborative project between Chester Drug Free Communities, the Chester Youth Collaborative, Team H.Y.P.E. and VFC. It highlights teen issues and the real consequences for drinking and smoking, especially when underage. Written by and starring members of the Chester Youth Collaborative’s Youth Council, it was filmed, directed, and produced by Team H.Y.P.E. (2009 members of VFC). You can watch the first part of the 3-video segment here:

“State of Emergency” – July 2010 – By Chester Weed & Seed & Team H.Y.P.E. – A Voices for Change Production

In July 2010, Chester, Pennsylvania went into a “state of emergency.” This short film shows a bit of what it was like in Chester during that time and offers hope for the city’s future. It was completely created and produced by teen media producers in the Chester Weed & Seed, Team H.Y.P.E. and Chester Voices for Change programs.


“Through Our Eyes” – August 2009 – By Chester VFC 2009 Summer Institute – A Voices for Change Production

In July and August of 2009, ten teens from Chester came together to learn how to make a film that told their stories and raised their voices through youth media production. The result was “Through Our Eyes,” a 45-minute film about teen issues, decision-making, and peer pressure. The first section of the film is included below, but you can watch the entire film in our YouTube Channel’s Playlist by clicking here.


In the 2009 Summer Institute, Ayanah Jenkins and Neia Hicks worked with the Chester Spotlight community newspaper. Their work was featured in the August 3, 2009 edition of the Spotlight. Check it out on page 5 by clicking here.


View photos of our work online in our Google Picasa Web Albums.

2011 Spring Workshops with Widener TV can be found here.

2010 Fall Program pictures from the VFC After School program can be found here.

2010 Summer Work with VFC & Team H.Y.P.E. can be found here.

2009 Summer Institute Photos can be found here.


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