Mission & Goals


Chester Voices for Change empowers young people in Chester, PA to become community change agents through engagement in media literacy and production. By enabling these youth to tell the stories of their community, the program allows participants to effectively utilize the tools of mass media to report on the history and events of their neighborhoods, sharing the narratives that are often ignored or unheard by the larger society. Through increased community involvement, critical analysis of mass media, and collaboration to create media projects, the Chester Voices for Change program gives youth the experience and training needed to create positive change in their community.


Chester Voices for Change  will work with youth participants to:

  • use media production to investigate community issues and explore possible solutions to those issues;
  • expand and deepen the understanding of Chester among participants and a broader audience;
  • engage the Chester community in a conversation about creating positive change in their neighborhoods;
  • critically examine mass media to better understand how the media impacts Chester as a community and as individuals.

One response

6 08 2009

It’s great that these kids can have this great opportunity to get the word out on issues in their communities and neighborhoods and to broaden their understanding of their environment in the city of Chester

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