Day 26: Hot, Humid, and Hard-Working

10 08 2009

By: Joslyn Young, Director & Founder

Today was another day of editing. I think we’ll probably be able to get the whole thing put together by Wednesday afternoon–knocking on wood for no hard drive failure or anything of that nature. All the groups are working hard, and getting frustrated with computers as I expected at this point in the editing process, but things are going pretty well. We’re lucky to be in the Language Resource Center at Swarthmore because it has just the right amount of air conditioning, but when we went outside for lunch and to go home–whoa, was it hot!

We’re also getting ready for our closing ceremony, which should be nice-and hopefully not as hot. It’ll be a nice celebration of the summer I think, but I also think that most of us want the program to be able to continue in the future, so we’ve got to work on that as well. I’ll be recruiting for volunteers at Swarthmore and Widener to get some help for running an afterschool program, and hopefully everything will go well. I just need to find some funding…




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