Day 22: Work and Play

4 08 2009

By: Christian Mills, Chester VFC Participant

After successfully shooting our movie in one week, we began the process of editing it yesterday. We plan to edit all week, and with today being the second day, it came with with different obstacles than the first.

This morning, my group embarked upon editing the one scene that we had to be done by lunch. Things started off pretty smoothly, but before we knew it, we came upon the realization that we now need to go re-shoot that scene. This realization was not negative, but bittersweet. You see, had we just imported the scenes, when we put the movie together, we would not have the time to go back and re-shoot the scene.

Moving on from that scene to a different one, the rest of the morning went well. We are pretty much finished the second scene we began on and it looks like a real movie. (It is but you know how you don’t understand something until you are apart of it? It’s like that.)

The editing process requires focus and determination to finish what you have started. I might get a little sidetracked sometimes, or be off in my own world in my mind, but I do enjoy the whole movie making process. Seeing the scene that we had almost completed today helped me to realize that in every good thing there is hard work.

For the fun of it, I’ll write about our lunch. Today we spent our lunch watching Maury and just being awed at the different situations, we had some good laughs. I don’t want you (the reader) thinking that its all work, no play so to speak.

I enjoy the other teens. We have fun, laugh, and even get on each other’s nerves but we always have fun.




5 responses

5 08 2009

Glad to see that movie and editing is going so well, how to you feel since you have put in so much work, and have seen the outcome so far?

6 08 2009
Chester Voices for Change

It is an unique feeling. I am excited to see how the movie will come out in full. The editing process is stressful, but I survive. Thanks for your comment 🙂

6 08 2009
Chester Voices for Change

thanks for your comment 🙂

5 08 2009

wow, sounds just like how we do it on the west coast, I am doing filming aswell, we should talk more.


6 08 2009
Chester Voices for Change

Really? I’d like to hear more how your filming is going and what it is your film is about? Are doing it with a group of teens tooo

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