Day 21: A Hard Day of Work and Teamwork

4 08 2009

By: Neia Hicks, Participant

Today we got pick up from the Unity Center (which is our regular spot ) to go to Swarthmore College to do some importing and editing for the moive entitled ”Through Our Eyes.” There were a lot of things that had to be done.

We spent the day importing. There was so much importing that had to be done. We didn’t have enough time to edit; guess we have to do that tomorrow. After we got to work for about 45 minutes to a hour, our mentors took 3 of us at a time around the campus to sell candy for our H.Y.P.E. campaign to raise money for our T-shirts. It was fun, a lot of people help us out by donating money.

Then it was time for lunch so we save our projects on the computer, then went to lunch. After lunch we went to shot one more scene for the movie. Then, we went back to the computer lab to do more importing. Then our mentors took some of us back out to sell more candy. Then after that it was about 3:26 so we had to pack up because Mr. Cory came to pick us up and take us back to the Unity Center. Then we went home.




4 responses

5 08 2009

I am glad to see that young are wanting to make a difference in their community. It is also a thrill to know that people were in support of the fundraising event .

6 08 2009
Chester Voices for Change

Thanks for the complement. I like helping my community become a better place to live not just for me but for my environment and the people around me. sincerely

6 08 2009

Hey Neia,

I can definitely sympathize with how long importing video takes. I’m working with a couple people here in Los Angeles to put together a video on bus only lanes, a transportation project that will help improve our environment. Scheduling the interviews took forever, importing takes a long time, and the editing is just getting started. I hope we’ll be able to finish before the end of the summer so I can go back to Swarthmore.

6 08 2009
Chester Voices for Change

I know we spend a day importing( a whole day) then editing is so crazy last minute problems are funny. You can be done a scene then something gets mess up and, times you have to start all over again. It crazy but, you have to be able to deal with those situation. Thanks for the comment. Sincerely

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