Day 18: A Weighty Wednesday

2 08 2009

By: Christian Mills, Chester VFC Participant

Yesterday was a very profitable day. As you all know, we have started shooting our movie, Through Our Eyes. Yesterday we shot all day long from the morning to the afternoon. We began with our first scene of the day which was the block scene. We got our equipment set up and were all ready to go when trains started going by on the tracks. We adjusted and our scene began to flow very well; the actors remembered their lines and the shooting there was a success. Many people drove by wondering what we were doing, and were excited when seeing that we were obviously shooting a movie.

From there we went over to Chester City Hall and shot the bathroom scene in which one of the actresses snaps on another actress. The scene was a lot of fun to shoot and I really enjoyed it, as well as the other girls. I loved it because I play the popular mean girl and it is completely a took me a while to adjust to it and get in character.

After shooting that scene, we went to lunch and I think for I can speak for everyone when I say this, we were ready to eat! Lunch was quiet, for the first time ever because of that.

Following lunch, we recorded the first day of school scene, and that went smoothly.

Later, we shot another scene outside and it felt like it was a million degrees outside, with no exaggeration. Things got a little harder and people’s patience was running thin…we realized that we all needed to calm down and regroup. Making a movie requires a lot, and people will make mistakes.

The day in full was very productive and I am glad that we accomplished all that we needed to.

I am really enjoying shooting the movie. It is fun to really be someone and do things differently than what I am used to. Of course, I enjoy the acting and the scene changes. We change clothes a couple times a day so that the viewers can tell that we are on different days.




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