Day 17: Getting in to a Routine

2 08 2009

By: Dwayne Johnson, Participant

Tuesday, July 28- Today we started our day off by meeting at Joe’s house to film some of the scenes from our AMAZING movie. Teddy and I walked because we lived pretty close to Joe while everyone else met at the Unity Center and Mr. Cory drove them from there.

At Joe’s house we went through our scenes pretty smoothly and ended up filming everything we wanted just in time for lunch. We had to eat lunch quickly, as we always do, in order for us to be at our internships on time.

At our internship at NAZCA Communications, Kira and I continued to work on our webpages. Kira has her own personal webpage and I am working on a new webpage for VFC since the other one is kind of boring lol. At around 2:30, our intern host had us set up the recording room for a performer who wanted to come in and be video recorded to see how his performance would look on stage. Kira and I got a chance to get behind all the camera work behind the scenes. It was really fun! The performer was pretty good for being so young. Afterwards, we continued to work on our webpages and then we left for home.




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