Day 16: Forgiveness is the key….and being yourself and not falling 4 negitivity

2 08 2009

By Ayanah Jenkins, Participant

Monday VFC shot the counseling scene with Ms. Mitchell, Tifany and Corrine. Tiffany apologized to Corrine for tripping her and making fun of her. Corrine forgave Tiffany and swallowed the beef. Corrine revealed to Ms. Mitchell that she was having a hard time adjusting to the new school. The next scene Drew and Donte were on the bloc and Drew made a sale.

The counseling scene took forever OMG!!!!!!!! Kia Dick (KIRA VICK)…a.k.a Ms. Mitchell is the most hilarious actres you will ever meet. She kept making Jasmine (Tiffany) and I(Corrine) laugh. That was on of the funniest scenes we’ve ever made. Plus, Jasmine and I were awkwardly close and that was an automatic set-up for some laughs.




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