Day 13: Breaking News & Breaking in the Script

23 07 2009

by: Joslyn Young, Director & Founder

Today was a long middle day, halfway done with the week, almost halfway done with the program, and we went about a half hour overtime as well. It was long, but hopefully people think it was productive.

In the morning we started with a break from the movie and focused on written journalism. We talked about breaking news for a while, and then compared the same news story from different sources. So, we looked at the story surrounding Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s arrest from both the New York Times and Fox News, talking about biases and the power of images as well as words.

Then, we moved into a comparison of news and profile pieces in journalism, looking at the kinds of words and descriptions given, as well as the opening leads to the different stories. Then, the teens used their interviews from last week, asked their partners a few more questions and wrote some sample profile pieces before lunch.

After lunch, it was back to the movie, when we focused on our filming schedule and character mapping. We tried to make sure that our movie was complete and added a few more lines and scenes throughout the movie. Then, Cory came over and watched as we did a read through, acting out the entire movie for him. It was definitely helpful to get an outsider’s point of view, but I think we’ve still got a lot more work cut out for us. I just hope we can get it all done by the end of Week 6, and I’m confident the filming will only help the group’s energy and enthusiasm.




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