Days 8 & 9: Write, Rehearse, Repeat

20 07 2009

by: Joslyn Young, Director & Founder

For the last two days we’ve been doing a whole lot of writing and rehearsing. We’re a little over half-way done writing out the scenes for the movie, so we divide into three groups and each group takes on a scene. After outlining the basic scene, the group writes out the lines and stage directions, and then finally the group gets to rehearse the scene, figuring out what works, what needs to be changed, and getting used to the characters. On Wednesday, we also recorded the scene rehearsals, getting used to doing a three camera shoot and figuring out to position everyone for things to work. I think we all learned a lot about how long the whole production process is going to take, and watching the recordings was helpful for the acting as well.

Also on Wednesday, we watched and critiqued the final productions of each team’s scavenger hunt material from last week. We had three different genres of stories about Chester, all of which helped us see the strengths we have in the group, and also recognize the need for tripods when recording. I think each team was proud to see their work, and we’ll be posting those videos up soon–with a link so everyone in the blogosphere can see them.

Thursday, we came up with our list of locations for filming as well as all the acting, so we’re moving well on our way to getting everything ready for filming next week. With all of the writing and acting we’ve done, it’s been great to see the characters begin to come to life. I can see the emotion in Drew and Makayla’s arguments, feel the tension between Chavon and Donte, and see the uncertainty in the faces of Tiffany and Lyiesha. Achemd Shabazz is coming to life, and Rashad’s character is getting stronger every day. Not to mention that the good girls and role models, Miss Mitchell and Corrine, are doing their best to stay positive. It’s really exciting to see it all happening.




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