Day 6: Moving Towards Movies and Music

16 07 2009

by: Neia Hicks, Participant

Today we did some interviews. We divided up into pairs of two, and we first interviewed each other as who we are. We asked each other questions that we were interested in knowing for five minutes. After that we picked a celebrity, and then we acted out that person while the other person on our team interviewed us. We got to see Kobe Bryant, Harry Potter, and Oprah among many others.

We also discussed our movie deciding the parts and who was going to play them. We brainstormed on more ideas until we found one we all agreed on. It was not an easy task, especially when we all have different ideas and all want to have a main role in the movie.

After lunch we discussed more about the movie, just talking about it. At 1 o’clock Mrs. Cory came, so we then had radio time with Cory. He had brought some of his equipment, like his turn-tables and his other equipment. After he explained what everything was, he let some of us who wanted to experience what it is like to DJ. It was fun doing it .We can’t wait until he brings them again.

Then we had a special guest speaker, Michael Shawn. He is one of Mr. Cory’s friends who works at 100.3 The Beat in Philadelphia. We talked, and we had a good time. He was a very cool, laid back person. Knowing about him was an inspiration to me to help me accomplish more in life. We hope to have him again and that’s what happened today.




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