Day 4: Video Editing

9 07 2009

By: Teddy Miller, Participant

Today was a good day. The VFC group went to Swarthmore to edit the videos from our video scavenger hunt. My group had a difficult task of trying to edit our videos after we messed up while importing the videos the first time, but after we finished re-importing the video, everything was okay. Also today we watched a movie called Holla at the Hood, and that movie is about a normal day in the neighborhoods of Chester, Pennsylvania. It was made by Team MAC in the spring of 2008.

Then, after that, everybody became hungry, but we didn’t know what kind of food we wanted. Then Joslyn told us our choices of what we could eat and what food stores were in the area. So half of the group had pizza and the other half chinese food. Now I am at City Hall doing my internship.




3 responses

12 07 2009

What did you think of Holla at the Hood, Teddy? Do you know any of the actors?

6 08 2009

What were some of the items in the scavenger hunt?

7 08 2009
Chester Voices for Change

the items in the scavenger hunt consisted of “my neighborhod is…”
-in growth
-in decay
-has traditions
-has diversity
–is home
there were some other ones too.
thanks for yourcomment, christian

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