Day 2: Getting Going

8 07 2009

by: Brian Hunscher, Volunteer Instructor

Day two opened with some fun ice breakers. In the spirit of letting the teens be independent, they picked some of the games, including Whisper Down the Lane, a much better name for the game I knew as Telephone. This got the kids loosened up for a writing project.

We asked them to write 100 words about themselves and then get ready to perform that piece on camera, in order to practice public speaking, filming, and using the equipment we got to know the day before. The teens really showed their creative side; the pieces were well beyond expectations for the short amount of time we gave them. These pieces will be posted shortly, an exercise to help the participants get to know blogging.

Before the teens went to their first day of their local internships, we asked them to go on a video scavenger hunt through Chester. Looking for shots and images that fulfilled a statement such as “My neighborhood is beautiful,” or “My neighborhood is changing.” This was another chance for the teens to show their creativity, but also a chance for them to look at their city and neighborhood in a different light because they had to look at both the positive and negative aspects at the same time. This gave the participants a chance to get outside, and my group walked all the way to downtown Chester, which made us all happy as we walked in nice clothes through the hot sun. The scavenger hunt will be part of the teens’ first real project, where they go through the whole process of creating video media, where they write a script and edit the piece together.

Once the teens were done filming and eating, they headed out to their internships. In moving some interns around at the last minute and trying to find a new host for two of them, a group of them watched the Michael Jackson memorial service online, while other pairs worked and got oriented at Nazca Communications and the Chester Spirit. Two teens will be reporting on the memorial service in the Chester Spotlight, and the other four will be starting up with their internships by next Tuesday at the latest.




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