Day 3: Stations

8 07 2009

by: Brian Hunscher, Volunteer Instructor

We opened up the day by forgetting some key materials at Swarthmore, so while I ran back to grab the stuff, Joslyn talked through the first day of internships with the teens since they had decided they didn’t need any more ice breakers. There was lots of talk about Michael Jackson and clarification of dress codes at the various sites.

Next was our first set of stations. One of the stations, which I ran, was talking about this blog, showing them some of the posts and talking with them about their involvement in the blog. We also talked about how blogging and new forms of media, such as Twitter, have changed the way people get information. We compared the movement in Iran today to movements in our country, like the Civil Rights Movement, and the differences in the way information and ideas are shared.

Joslyn ran a station to give the participants information about “b-roll,” where they watched a piece from the film Ocean’s 11 to examine the use of b-roll and think about different types of shots and the many elements that go into making a film. Our last station for the morning was where the teens went through the footage for the scavenger hunt that they gathered the day before. They logged all their shots and started to organize their footage for the project about their neighborhood.

Once everyone had completed every station, we asked each group to start writing their script for their scavenger hunt footage. Even though the instructions for each group were standard, each of the three groups’ ideas were different and unique. Once they got their ideas down on paper, they had to record them, showing off some of their skills with the cameras and mics that they’ve gained over the last couple of days. After recording their script, with only some minor technical difficulties with cameras and mics, it was lunch time.

After lunch, we were into a new set of stations, where the kids were able to get their first glimpse of the editing program they will use throughout the program, Final Cut Express. They also had time to decorate a banner to put in our room to make it more of their own space. The third station for the afternoon gave the teens an opportunity to talk about and practice public speaking strategies. They all seemed to really enjoy the opportunity to practice their public speaking, and they all did really well and seemed to benefit from just talking about some of the strategies.

We finished off day three with a viewing and discussion of Hip-Hop Beyond Beats and Rhymes, which gave the teens an opportunity to observe some of the filming techniques that we’ve been discussing, but also to discuss the content of the film. The teens focused much of their conversation on the film’s discussion of masculinity, women, and black culture in hip-hop.

I hope that the teens will take these different aspects of making and understanding media and put them together as we start to work towards our final project.




2 responses

9 07 2009

These detailed reports are great, providing a real sense of the things the teens are learning and the larger context in which that learning occurs. Thanks for keeping us up to date on how the project is going.

6 08 2009

It’s great that these kids have this opportunity to make a quality video themselves on something very important. I find it great that they look at Hollywood videos to see what they like in a movie

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