Day 1: Crises & Creativity

6 07 2009

by: Joslyn Young, Director & Founder

The first day is complete, and it only included a few minor crises that should easily be overcome.

We started the day out with our 30 Second Story projects, dividing into three groups of three and using our cameras and microphones to tell some short stories. Everyone took a turn to work as the actor/storyteller, director, and sound technician within their group. Stories ranged from dog chasing to Michael Jackson’s death, and everyone loved the opportunity to be on camera, get outside, and play with the new equipment.

We moved in to do some media literacy work, critically analyzing the music video for 50 Cent’s P.I.M.P. We looked at it from both a producer’s point of view, examining the types of shots and what they do the people in them, and from a consumer’s perspective, talking through the messages that the song sends out. We also got to talking about the messages that we want to send out in our own media and figuring out what it takes to send out positive messages in today’s media.

Lunch provided our first crisis of the day: The Pizza Crisis. The lunches that are kindly provided by the Unity Center, our location host, don’t start until tomorrow so both VFC and the other summer programs at the Center ordered pizza for today. Cory ordered the pizzas for us, so I was in the dark about the plan. I paid for a set of three pizzas that came to the building, only to find out later that the three pizzas belonged to the other program and the two pizzas that came later were ours. There were a few moments of chaos as we traded pizzas and slices and money, but it should all be figured out now, and once the lunches start tomorrow, I hope the Pizza Crisis will become just a funny first-day memory.

After lunch was the first “Radio Time with DJ Cory-AK and Friends,” when Cory comes in and works on radio and DJing with the teens. Today it was Cory and Drees, who is a recent graduate of Widener University and a local radio host. They went through some basics of working radio, sharing their own experiences in the field, and then moved on to interesting discussions about uses of radio, favorite radio moments, and VFC participants’ first attempts at their own radio voices. I’m pretty sure we’ve got some future radio hosts in the program after that exposition.

Our last crisis of the day revolved around internships. Due to some last minute changes, we had to move some interns around and are hoping to have one final, new internship host by 1 pm tomorrow when the internships are supposed to start. I’m sure everything will all work out and become much easier to handle once we’re all into the swing of things, down with a normal schedule.

It was definitely a good first day, full of the first-day crises I had been expecting to some extent, and the creativity that the participants all showed in their 30 second stories, ideas for change, and radio samples. It’s going to be a good summer, I have a feeling.

*Note: This entry will be updated once the camera cord is found and pictures can be put on the computer and thus transferred to the blog. 30 Second Stories may also be coming shortly.




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